A drink that is not really a drink. It's a drink that was created on the moment with whatever liquor are available. It's only a Martini by definitions because its served on a stem glass.
Sergio: Hey man. What the fuck is in this martini?

Weaksauce: IDK man, I just mixed whatever liquors we had left over.

Sergio: I can't even taste the vermouth faggot. This some Hector Martini.
by King Cobra XX September 10, 2010
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Can melt any girls heart. Favorite word: Boi. Most likely mains D.va in Overwatch and Likes to constantly sleep on a certain person lap. He also can't be nerfed. Loves to turn the tables around for others.
Hector Mayor stole Melanie's heart in front of someone.
by XNuke February 08, 2017
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Hector the collectors are usually gay and get no women at all. The spend their days eating dick and acting like faggots. They kiss boys and are most likely unsuccessful in everything. They also like hairy buttholes and fat cocks and suck them 24/7
Hector the collectors suck dick
by Jordanthelegend May 19, 2019
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hector vega is most definitely into fortnite he is the love of my life but you know <3
person: hector vega is cute
me: stfu pale ass bitch find your own man gtfo <33
by March 19, 2021
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A nigga with a little dick that talks a lot of shit and has no respect for other also gets no pussy and fucks his mother
by Jaden jones March 23, 2017
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