Rap or rock...hmmm rap is the best kind of music you ppl might say that rappers only talk on a beat..no they stick 2 the flow ok for all the haterz here ok heres a little test ok?get limewire or anything get a good song any artist will do and get the lyrics and try too rap it out..it doesint matter what song you chose..slow..fast..just do the test its not talking
rap is better than rock and all that punk shit..lemme get this straight k rock and all the metal is good too but instead of lisening 2 a rap song for like 2 minutes spend a lil time lisening 2 it..of course every kind of music,theres always gonna b a bad beat or bad lyrics..seriously stop saying rap crap and shit like that cuz its really not..dont only lisen 2 heavy metal
by XleX September 03, 2005
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A bunch of emo vampires who totally usurped rock and roll and drove right into the ground and turned it into a steaming pile of dog poop!!
heavy metal sucks and its fans are ignorant emo vampires who totally lack taste and style and originality
since heavy metal came along most bands are now just mere carbon copies of eachother - for instance emo
see: hair metal - black metal - death metal - goth metal - nu metal - alternative metal - headbanger's ball - uranium - church burnings - nazi black metal - gay metal
by i hate heavy metal July 12, 2006
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Can you sing about something else besides Satan?
Can you sing at all?
Can you not be such goth fucktards?
Can you focus more on music and maybe write some non-retarded lyrics and maybe get someone who can actually sing to sing them?
Can you make it a little more normal and a little less like goth vampire shit?
Can you make it a little more closer to rock & roll?
Can you go five seconds without mentioning Satan?
^And why the fuck do you do that anyways in the first place?
Do you even know the difference between something that sounds like shit and noise and mud vs. something that actually sounds good?
After all of these years heavy metal turned out to only be good for giving us very few bands that could rock and spew something lyrically that wasn't about Satan every other word.I guess there were also alot of faggy hair metal bands and not all of them were Satanic so that's an amazing fact but they still sounded like shit.And since that era it's all been really goth and just trying to push more of the Satanic shit from the back burner to the front burner.Um,what about music?? What ever happened to that?
by choke on a huge cock December 31, 2005
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A sad excuse for music.It's barely better than emo but not as good as rap.And this is coming from somebody who fucking hates rap!But rap is more valid than heavy metal.Atleast rap is far more versatile and can be fused with all sorts of different styles.
by fuckyou posers November 24, 2005
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An alternate form of expression of the dark/black arts through music.
Judas Priest is awesome Heavy Metal
by Sliptallica February 28, 2005
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The devil's music! By the power of the Lord our God and all his followers we will banish this... Heavy metal, this breed of horrid dissonance! In it's place we will put in significant, more family oriented heavy metal and rock bands, such as the John Coltrane Trio, or Smashmouth! Thank God that bands such as Iron Maiden or Slayer have been banished forever and will never see the light of day again. At least this new metal (nu metal for some of you more trendy followers) and emo have taken over the genre in the eyes of the public, and that those who watch MTV will not be affected. However, there is still a population of those who still listen to this horrid music, so we must be strong and have faith. THE END IS NEAR, REPENT, REPENT, AND FOR GOD'S SAKES DON'T GROW YOUR HAIR OUT.
"Satan is among us! My son Stan started listening to Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band! What do I do?"

"You have to burn his CDs and shirts in a giant pyre, then lure him out with his computer and get him to jump in."

"Good idea, Sue!"
by Reverend Awesome August 06, 2006
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total fail at music

made by tone-deaf,teeny-bopper, pre-pubers who like to suck the farts and maggots from a dead dog's asshole
that sonic equivalent of shit that you are hearing, that my friends is heavy-metal
by i give you a poop moustache March 17, 2008
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