Garbage music faggot emos and braindead idiots who don't know what a haircut is listen to. Anyone who listens to this garbage is usually a failure at life.
Heavy Metal is the biggest piece of shit ever created on this planet. Get a haircut and a life you stupid fucks who listen to this shit.
by YouListenToGarbage November 11, 2012
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best music ever : awesome guitar bass and drums

DISCLAIMER: LYRICS SHOULDNT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!!!! (except for metallica, disturbed, some slayer, and some other bands)
metallica and slayer r the best bands ever
by metaljunkie November 22, 2003
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True music that describes the inner self in everyone. In other words, KICK ASS music.
by S2 November 17, 2003
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It's anti-music.

It's for people who think that the "only" instruments that matter are guitar and maybe drums.Metal singers are the worst singers to ever get behind a mic.They are like turd-like golems,pieces of poop which magically sprang to life and crawled out of the toilet.

There's so much more to music you stupid,little ass-fucks!

Fuckin Zeppelin had piano and banjos and mandolins and acoustic guitars and keyboards and fuckin harmonicas and a pretty decent singer and they sang about pretty good things usually.

But no,not heaby mettle.Todays heaby mettle shit has guitars and drums and some possed motherfucker who's constipated and grunting demonically trying to force a Satanic turd rocketing out his hairy goat-hole!

^That ain't music,bitches!!!!

What kind of retarded motherfucker do you have to be to want to listen to that shit?

Zeppelin was Rock&Roll,electrified blues,folk,flamenco,country and all sorts of good music.They didn't make that by saying "duh we should ONLY have guitar and ONLY grunt and fart and sing about humping goats"....

Figure it out you fuggin Mtv-watching, shmegma-suckin,turd-munching,headbanger's ball watching fucktards!!!!!!!
ROCK and motherfuckin ROLL you ignorant anal-cunts!!!!!!
by a real music fan May 08, 2005
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