a state when a person is experiencing high temperature around him and he feels very very hot
Im getting heat stroke in this bloody hot sun!
by orangecow9114 March 6, 2009
While not having air conditioning in the summer, try and masturbate before having a heat stroke.
Man, it sucks there is no air..I'm gonna go pull a heat stroke before dinner.
by JxHAWK July 28, 2014
A masturbatory technique in which the subject masturbates with their left hand while placing their right hand under warm water. Then directly before orgasm you switch hands for a grand finale.
by Reid C May 4, 2008
A man workouts in compression shorts and gets his gooch nice and ranky then, unshaved sits on his partners face thus causing them to pass out for a brief moment.
Last weekend Jennie let me give her a Mississippi heat stroke, I was scared after she didn't wake up for 5 minutes, I think I will do less running next time.
by buttchug25 February 26, 2015
When a man takes a fresh baked potato and thrusts his dick in it
He got 3rd degree burns on his dick after doing the heat stroke
by Wormy_Worms July 26, 2022
Something I get too close to having every fucking summer.
Usually comes with mosquito bites and back to school crap.
I don’t get what summer does that makes these people so happy. All it gives me is mosquito bites and heat stroke.
by CurledPawsAndStuff August 12, 2022