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The community of handicapped individuals who severely require excessive support in their everyday lives. These individuals are not considered "citizens," since they are incapable of contributing to society, and generally useless. They are the subject of ridicule and pity by the educated and respectable in each culture. Basically useless, hearing people wander Earth in a form of stupor, unaware of their surroundings, environments, and situations. Kind-hearted, wise Deaf individuals make a point of avoiding hearing people, so as not to harm or confuse them with superior Deaf intelligence. Unfortunately, there are many of the Deaf who choose to attempt to help the hearing of the world, unaware or oblivious to the fact that they cannot be helped and are doomed to a life of insignificance. Worse still are those in the Deaf community who attempt to imitate hearing people, for whatever absurd reason; these mentally disturbed souls are called the "hard-of-hearing." Furthermore and in conclusion, the foundation of hearing people is a complex and inescapable web of stupidity, failure, and blasphemy.
Person A: Wow, that guy is so stupid.
Peson B: Hey! It's not his fault, he's a hearing person.

Person A: *Mistake* (Reaction, such as "Whoops" or "Uh-oh")
Person B: *Appropriate response* ("Tsk. Hearing People.")

Person A: Hey, why is the world filled with hate, violence, crime, drugs, anger, fear, and ignorance? The majority of humans on Earth suffer every day... There must be a reason for it... What could God, or Satan, have created that is so vile and so unholy, that it is the source of all that is damned on the planet?
Person B: Hearing People.
by S. Hawking, Ghandi, & Jesus February 06, 2009
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