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An individual who fails to realize a lot of people like junk food such as candy, pizza, hamburgers, chips, etc and sees it as their mission to rid the world of fatty, salty foods even though a majority of people don’t constantly eat these foods. To carry out their mission they often resort to pushy tactics or by going through the government to have laws made, such as pushing for increasing the sales tax on pizza, making it illegal for McDonalds to sell toys in happy meals. Generally these measures either fail to become law or if they do they do they really become more of an annoyance and to the targeted public and only serves to make the public hate them more.
God the health food crusaders are at it again, I can’t believe they managed to get toys in happy meals banned! Before you know it its going to be like the prohibition era again, but instead of rumrunners we’ll have oil and salt runners!
by Jacob mei May 21, 2010
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