when you have sex with a girl and then you think she is pregnant,so you kill her then chop her body into small peices and then put her in a blender then flush it down the toilet
i gave a girl head. then it was all better.
by anita life March 18, 2007
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Thinking (as in the firing of neurons)
"I gotta squat for a jiffy wiz in The Gran Manzana and I've been head sparkin’ ‘bout pounding that Coney fillet in a twee fire-in-the-hole.
The dewclaws are up. Ya wanna draft my flivver?
Bang the pipes by 5:00 or hold peace.”

"I’ve got a layover in New York City and was thinking about getting a hotdog in a quaint restaurant.
I’m enthusiastic. Do you want to come along?
Call me by 5:00 or it will be too late."
by goose_on_a_roof October 09, 2020
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To be stupid; the name one who fakes on friends receives
"He said he was coming over but he hasn't shown, he is therefore a poopoo headed doodoo head."
by baked spaghetti October 21, 2011
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Arthur: Describe "dollop-head"
Merlin: In two words?
Arthur: Yeah
Merlin: Prince Arthur
by N a t e October 19, 2019
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Koch-head is a slang term for a politician who is hopelessly addicted to the toxic drug called kochaine. Kochaine is highly addictive and is ruining lives at this very moment. Koch-heads are volatile, erratic and highly dangerous when under the influence. Never make an attempt to reason with or apprehend a koch-head, simply call 911 and you will be helped by a local, unionized, law enforcement expert.
by Mayadidas March 11, 2011
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