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Gayest school in america for many reasons
-pride themselves on being meatheads but are pussies
-think they're awesome because they get with beat radnor girls
-always travel in packs so they don't get jumped because they are pussies
-Only thing that they are somewhat good at is lacrosse which they are still overrated at
-They go to a school that is all guys all the time (guess their into that sort of thing)
-And probably the gayest they were shorts with their shirt and ties which may just be the pussiest, most homosexual, preppiest and thing ever


-enough said
haverford school guy 1"yooo bro you wanna go rip twine with me?"
guy 2 "of course dude, but hey first let's go get with some totally beat radnor, stoga, and irwins chicks so we can feel good about ourselves bro"
guy 1 "aha dude for sure bro"
guy 2 " yeah dude we are soo awesome"
guy 1 " I know right, maybe just you and I can chil tonight you know...alone"
guy 2 "sounds good to me bra. we do go to an all boys school after all"
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Actual conversation among Haverford guys:
Guy 1: "What's that thing with the cameras? Like with the pictures on it and like..."
Others: "Uhhhhhhh..."
EA Girl: "A negative."
All Haverford Guys: "Ohhh yeah negative!" (High Fives All Around)
Guy 2: "Yooo, when I was in school, it took like 1 second to think of words, and now it takes like... 5 seconds."
All: "Yeahhhh" (More High Fives)
Hasn't that guy been in high school for like 6 years?
Yeah, he goes to The Haverford School.
by Proud Parent September 20, 2005
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an organization of the largest pussies you will ever meet. having the most over rated sports teams in inter ac along with the worst teams. often seen traveling in packs with scared looks on their faces and will be seen wearing coats and ties or khakis and a hat carrying a lacrosse stick. scared of all other schools especially cha. love to participate in drug rings in there free time while their faculty makes the front pages. their slogan is preparing boys for life ... i'll leave it at that
haverford school guy 1 : broo do you want to go rip some twine with me
guy 2 : nah bro i'd rather sit in my room and jerk you off cause i go to an all guys school
guy 1 : yeah im just pissed i didn't get accepted to cha just like all my other friends
guy 2 : lets go throw some jacket and ties on so we look preppy
guy 1 : good idea bra that would distract from our vagina looking faces
by preparing boys for life March 12, 2017
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