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Hating white people is a political position popular among unsuccessful demographics who look for an excuse as to why they themselves are unsuccessful. Much like the Nazis with the Jews, these people will blame every social ill on the successful European race (believing they are being oppressed by them), and will often advocate for their own "final solution". (i.e genocide). Hatred of whites is very common among black and muslim populations.
SJW: "Hating white people is ok because they're oppressing us!"
Normal person: "How are they oppressing you? By giving you free money?"
by Phoenix797 August 05, 2018
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When we stop apologizing for being black, and come to the conclusion that white people are the only white devil.
Nsilo: Mayne, white people are aight. Stop being black.

Tango: Don't be hostile brotha. We must exterminate white people of the face of the planet. I am Hating White People.

Philip: (shakes head)
Tango: Real Talk, no shit.
by Tangoblastied December 10, 2011
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