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The rivalry between the Slinger kids and Hartford kids only exists because the guys at Slinger are jealous of the many HOT girls at Hartford. Hartford also has a Walmart, which kids seem to think is the shit and go there to entertain themselves.
The population of Hartford is very mixed.
Farmers/Rednecks-20% (Join FFA. Drive pick up trucks. Beer is their beverage of choice)
Ghetto Niggas-10% (Think the apartments by Independence are like the ghetto of New York. BS)
People who act like ghetto niggas-5% (Walk like they pissed in their pants)
Emo-10% (Wear pants when its 80 degrees outside. Stay after school for an hour just to socialize and blast music)
Jocks-10% (Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do anything but play sports and video games. Generally boring people. Go to popular parties but complain how lame they are. Then when the fun starts, they cry because they're going to get caught)
Normal People-20% (Average Joes. Not popular, not unpopular. People from other schools wouldn't know them. Party on their own, somewhat)
Whores/Sluts-10% (Many of the girls/boys like to get around and have been with eachother's exes. Rumors quickly spread about these people. EASY.)
Popular 5% (Includes some jocks, few normal people, and most of the whores. Have unique personalities, and are people people. Talk to everyone. Know many people from many other schools)
DUDE! im goin to a Hartford, Wisconsin party tonight!
Sweet man, ya gonna pick up some chicks and get your drank on?!
by evilturkey August 20, 2011
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