As of 2011 A.K.A. The Heartbeat, Insurance capital of the world (even though a lot left/insurance started in Hartford) 19th most dangerous city in US. As of 8/1/11 more murders happened here than in New Haven which can boost the city towards most dangerous...Hartford has the worst public school system in Connecticut, but has tallest buildings in CT. Has the XL Center downtown where it hosts many events. Has a very nice downtown but bad neighborhoods (very). The people who work in downtown live in the surrounding towns. Very dangerous when it gets dark, you will get popped, jumped and or stabbed especially in North Hartford. The city has a huge island population that mainly lives in the northern section of the city. It is kind-of divided, you have the Puerto Ricans in one area and the Jamaicans in the other, and they represent their homeland by wearing their country/territory colors. But the whole city is bad, but on the bright side it has a good amount of colleges
Hartford, Connecticut
by InCTB August 1, 2011
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