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Some of the best books around today that are and will continued to be enjoyed by everyone. Somehow moronic people believe it is comparable to Twilight but they are obviously completely out of their league.
Twilight maniac: OMG!!! Hav u read the twilight books??? Oh wait i didnt either but the guys look HAWT!!!

me: Sorry, I thought we were talking about books. You might not be able to read at a third-grade level but some other sane people would prefer HARRY POTTER!!!
by lightninghp7 July 02, 2010
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Looking for a book to change your life?
A book to make you laugh or cry?

A book that you will go a night without sleep just to read a little more?
A book that has you feeling for the characters?
A book that will teach you more then any website or paper will?
Thats Harry Potter....
This book series has brought together over thousands of people and changed their lives for the better. Its Love, Hope, Friendship, and after you have read it you will never look at life the same way again. <3 LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!
Evie goes home with the seventh Harry Potter book...
at 3 a.m. Evies dad is awoken by what sounds like a dying animal...
Evie's dad goes into her room and finds her sobbing into her pillow " Its over its over.... MY LIFE IS OVER"

Evies dad asks what wrong and she responds " I finished the book"
by harrypotter7 October 20, 2011
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To Harry Potter is a verb pertaining Felatio. Getting harry pottered occurs when the man is whering a belt buckled which leaves an imprint on the female's forehead.
I got in trouble with my girlfriend's parents because they saw that she had gotten harry pottered.
by Henhen and Pweezy May 15, 2009
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It is a fucking boring british culture that no one actually likes it is full of cunts and pricks and british tea drinking twats
by _ig.adam February 06, 2017
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Harry Potter is the boy who lived. yes thats right and he will outlive you to, he will chase down all your horcruxes and make sure they are destroyed. Then come after you personally and blow your face off. He's just so Magical, he doesn't even need sleep. He just sits up every night crying about his dead parents. Yes thats right, the boy who lived has the parents who didnt live.
He lives in a cupboard under your staircase, but i bet you never noticed. thats why he's so scrawny looking, you never cared to feed him. And ever term he runs away, to a magical school where he learns spells the he can use to plot revenge against you, simply because he can. But thats not all he does! He sneaks around stealing books from the forbidden section of the library under his invisibility cloak and making cults against the ministry of magic and Voldemort (Dumbledores Army). And when he gets caught out he flys off on his firebolt (broom) leaving all his friends behind to fix it for him.Then once its dealt with he just mosies on back in like it never happened, then jump down a tunnel and get kiddnapped by his own goddfather, letting his best mates hideous rat escape, allowing the Dark Lord, Voldemort to come back to full power. Then when hes in denial he decides it'd be great fun to breakinto the ministry of magic, with his anti-ministry of magic cult. He's so rad like that, hes such a wizard gangsta. And he's gonna outlive you to!
by TheHalfBloodUnicorn July 14, 2011
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The main character in the Harry Potter series, written by JK Rowling. Harry is a dynamic character throughout the novels and discovers so much about his past, present and future with each of his experiences at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is known to wear glasses, be slightly scrawny and be an amazing wizard. He has a thunderbolt shaped scar on his forehead, given to him by Lord Voldemort, the villain of the series. The thunderbolt, being a defining Harry Potter characteristic.
Person 1: I'm going to be Harry Potter, the wizard, for Halloween. He is my favorite character in the series.
Person 2: I like him too. You better draw a scar on your forehead so people will know you are Harry Potter. Wear glasses too.
by deejpeach October 29, 2012
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