he is ok but has a huge forhead his nickname is megamindandcan go fuck himself
oiaiden ur a harry hatchard
by benderboy12345 February 13, 2020
an awsome person who has a big dick and you should suck it
OMG! its harry garner
by bob2017 May 18, 2017
a weird kinda person that has bipolar and multiple personality disorder
Bro she was sucking my dick, next thing i know she was screaming at me.

She sounds like a harry devereaux
by HarryDevereaux's Fat ass February 22, 2019
1. My danglin' harry dips in the pee and poo when I'm doing number 2.

2. His danglin' harry be mighty scary.
by Lake Lee Prism April 4, 2017
everyone has a bully in their life and and this type of person is a bully.
omg stop being a kade harris I don't like it
by brandonvarcoe123 May 22, 2018
we are a religion
our moto treat people with kindess
our holly song sign of the times
rules: you can do anything any religion is allowed you have to support lgbtq+ community not allowed HATING ON ANY OF THE 1D BOYS(This whole thing is a joke please don't take it seriously)
omg! Its the 1.february!
what is it Harry Styles' birthday?
yeah but its the holly harry day too we only listen to sign of the times
oh wow
by smeče February 9, 2021
gyaldem: omds yk Samuel Harries, hes sooooo fucking peng id put his wood in ma mouth still
by OhmHasMassiveWoodineh September 10, 2020