A book about a orphan who shoots lightning bolts with a stick that he bought of a guy who lives behind a pub. he goes to a school to learn how to use the stick but then a guy with no nose try's to kill him because he want's do be the king of everything. Harry Potter then gets himself killed so he can do a pro gamer move and respawn. Then in a big final battle he uses a different stick because a snake ate his last one to kill the nose-less guy and everyone is happy.
Parent: why don't you read Harry Potter?

Kid: because i'm busy playing FORTNTIE
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by ItsurUncleLou November 19, 2019
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A series of books which revolve around a wizard named Harry, and his 3 best friends Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, and set out to kill Voldemort, an dark wizard who killed Harry's parents.
"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" he said.
"Was that a Harry Potter reference?" she said.
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by RSapphire June 02, 2020
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a stupid lucky boy with a lightning scar on his head he cant do anything right or be truthful he is also ver spoiled he was suposed to be in slythren but he is spoiled so he did not go there . he does not desarve any food why do we care abut this boy because the auther (no hate on the auther) put him in a situation that we feel sorry for him.
harry potter is a spoild brat
by whyualwayselieing January 17, 2020
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A great book and movie ruined by 7th grader girls who don't know if they are straight or lesbian or they might be emo
Lesbian girl: did you see Harry Potter?
Straight girl: Stay the fuck away from me
by Dark Random December 20, 2019
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A famous boi that went to Hogwarts and then got even more famous.....

Ya muggles saying its just a book, hah.

Also, how does harry potter get down a hill? walking.

JK rolling...

P.S if you have not read the books this makes ZERO sense.
Wizard =" Rember that boy Harry Potter? "

Person= " good book right? "

Wizard= " sure muggle. "

"You're a Harry Wizard... that was about right. "
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by ThisPersonDoesntCare November 06, 2018
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