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A test you give someone one when your unsure whether you like them or not. The first question is 'Did you laugh when Dumbledore died?'. It's best to not use the same words as those ones because you will look like a random freak.

The answer is that it wasn't funny.
The second question is 'Chocolate or strawberry icecream?'. This has been Daniel Radcliff approved. In an interview once, when asked whether he liked chocolate or strawberry icecream more he said 'Chocolate, I'm not stupid.'
That is proof that stupid people like strawberry icecream, and smart people like chocolate icecream.
The date was going badly, and I didn't know whether I should pretend I have to leave or stay, so I did the Harry Potter Test on her. She said her favourite part of the sixth movie was when Dumbledore died. I didn't even bother to ask the second question, I just avada kedavrad her and left. She deserved it.
by OrangeDough August 24, 2010
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