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From the Youtube show Smosh-A type of pill made for crazily obsessed Harry Potter fans that won't shut up about Harry Potter. The pill is red and white with a lightning bolt and consists of three simple ingredients: enriched wheat flour, vitamin B6 and a lethal dose of cyanide. Also comes in chewable form for kids, and suppository form for the hard core fans! Once you take this pill, you will be permanently silenced from talking about HP....forever!
Sue: "And then Ron said........And Dumbledore licked his lips and....."
Lily: Hey I have something for you......*hands Sue the Harry Potter Pill*
Sue: Ooh, a lightning bolt *swallows pill*
2 minutes later:
Sue: *casting spells in Harry Potter heaven
Lily: That was easy.
by Meow Meow Meow Quack January 25, 2012
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