a gyal who still has a thing for her gay exbf (who’s extremely sexy and hot). but also has a thing for ed sheeran
broski it’s harriet allington who needs surgery on her teeth
by thatdefinitelystr8guy January 4, 2022
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When a nerdy girl undergoes puberty and develops a pleasurable aesthetic and personality change, appearing as if undertaking more sexual acts ( a girl gets hot and slutty out of nowhere)
Guy:" Dude, did jenny fletcher get hot all of a sudden?"
Dude: "oh yeah man, shes got major harriet critchlow syndrome."
by master-pwanker August 13, 2015
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A wonderful soul, talented and pretty but modest. Has a friendly nature, similar to that of the house elf dobby. She does all that she can to please her 'masters' (friends).
'Hey look it's Harriet Hall.'
'Thats not Harriet its dobby.'
'Oh, they're so alike it's hard to tell sometimes.'
by The Oracle of Life November 8, 2014
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a very horny readhead. Someone who really wants sex, but can’t seem to find anyone that wants to have it with them. They also usually swim
wow that girl is acting like a Harriet headland right now
by a hashtag anonymous user June 2, 2022
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probly the most beautaful and amazing person you are ever likley to meet. she has many friends and is very intelligent well being good a some sports but manily basketball. any boy would be lucky to have her and many girls wish to be her.
girl 1 wow i so wanna be like harriet jukes-hughes
guy i so wanna be harriets boyfriend
by ryan will smith October 5, 2011
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A Harriet Newsome is kind and caring person, who loves everyone.

You should be glad to meet a Harriet Newsome
OMG it's Harriet Newsome!!
by these aren't real definitions December 19, 2020
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When a man Cums into another man's asshole then proceeds to go to female and shit out the semen into her vagina thus making a tunnel of for the semen AKA Harriet Tubman
Man 1: Bro, how did I get that chick pregnant I came in you!
Man 2 : Sorry bro, I Harriet Tubman that bitch
Man 1: you POS.
by djlovecheese March 28, 2018
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