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Similar in practice to Godwins Law. Relating to the Liberal sponsorship scandal of the Chretien Government in Canada (referred to in the mainstream media as "Adscam"), Harpers Law is used compulsively by supporters of the current Conservative government to deflect from any debate regarding corruption, lack of ethics, incompetence, and transparency. Once used however, like Godwins Law, it shows the complete lack of any factual argument by the user.
-Did you hear about how Stephen Harper likes to eat a puppy with his orange juice for Breakfast?
-So what, at least he isn't responsible for Adscam!
-Did you just use Harpers Law?

-Did you hear that Harper is dynamiting Parliament, and moving the government from Ottawa to Calgary?
-Calgary sucks, but at least its not Adscam!
-Dude, I know you love Ambrose's hair, but enough with Harpers Law already!

-Have you heard that Del Mastro just robbed a Pizza Hut? The moneys still there, but he got all the pepporoni.
-Why do you keep using Harpers Law? Harpers Law is not going to reimburse Pizza Hut or bring that pepporoni back, is it?

-I read that everyone who isn't a Conservative is to be rounded up, given a flannel shirt and John Deere cap, and is being shipped to Ft. McMurray as part of "Canada's Action Plan." Is this true?
-Adscam! Adscam! Adscam!!!!!
-Harpers Law is not going to save you from being tossed on a Greyhound with some Newfie going to some camp off Highway 63! This is serious! Stop resorting to Harpers Law!!!
by Moonlight whisperer October 08, 2012
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