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Often mistaken by little children for a walking piece of shit, Hari Ganeshan is an extremely foul, burnt, revoltingly smelly, and humoungously fat creature, and radiates a repulsive aura around it that attracts girls with moustaches and hairy chests, i.e. Nav. While its gender is highly controversial, it is confirmed that this creature has multiple circumsized(meaning its been cut off a bit) ingrown penises that sprouts all over its buttocks. It grows revolting, ugly, unlady-like breasts on its chest, which are rumoured to be secret weapons against predators, namely Nav. It works by a system called - Flash - and it is extremely poisonous to the eyes, can cause mental scarring and can permanently damage brain cells. It is for these two physical defects in this creature that authorities are unable to determine its gender. Its favourite pastime is to stick its butt-ful of circumsized penises into the face of Nav, which brings a whole new meaning to the word 'oral sex'. Eeeeewwwww. Be careful when you see a fat ugly black guy, children.
Hari Ganeshan cried out in pleasure and ecstacy when his dad was performing a circumsicion on his penis.
by Siamak de Costa March 14, 2005
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