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Harford Community College is a rural Community College that is nested near the intersection of Thomas Run Road, Shucks Road, and Rt. 22. The college is made up of a large sampling of the population. It is safe to say that nearly every ethnicity is covered. The students pour in from all over the United States, but the majority of the students come from the local high schools such as; C. Miltion Wright, Aberdeen High, Edgewood High, Joppatown, Bel Air High, and many others. There is even a trickling of students for local private schools such as John Carrol.
The professors are usually great, with some strict execptions. The college is pretty laid back, with a lot of activities avaible to the students. Every semester the college(also known as HCC) plans a huge gathering for the students such as free food every week outdoor rock climbing, inflateable games ect...
The epicenter for student life on campus is the "Student Center," the Student Center is where you can hear live music on Mondays along with free massages. Or you can listen to DJ tunes with Tuesday tunes with DJ Will. It is there where students can find the book store, and the Globe Cafe, where students can buy decent hot food CHICKEN TENDERS!!!!!
It is in the Susquehanna Hall where students can view HCC's sports. As a member of NJCAA ( National Junior College Athletics Association) the four most popular sports that the college takes the most pride in are; Lacrosse, Soccer, Vollyball, and Baseball. With Soccer bringing in the most national titles. GO FIGHTING OWLS!!!
For most students it was the cheap, and easy next step till they can figure out what's next for them in life. Due to the fact that students come in packs form different high schools, HCC has been referred to as the 13th, and 14th grade. Students, jokingly, call HCC by other school's abbreviations: USC (University of Shucks Corner), UCLA(Upper Churchville Lower Aberdeen). Dispite the "Community College" stigma Harford Community College is a great school with a lot to offer.
~Where do you go to College?
-i got to Harford Community College.
by bmg0419 May 23, 2008
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