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attempting to do parkour but really just randomly jumping over stuff. Derived from a "Office" skit in season 6 episode 1.
The Office "Parkour in the Office"
"Hardcore parkour!" (jumps over chair)
by adchan June 19, 2011
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Usually a phrase shouted by someone doing parkour terribly, usually ending in the person being badly injured
Guy 1:Are you filming this?
Guy 2:yeah, go!
Guy 1:HardCore Parkour!
Guy 1: *Breaks arm*
by Paco_Animations June 16, 2018
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What the cool kids do. Can be messing around acting hardXcore or just chillin'.
Jack: Yo dude, what you up to 2nite then?
Jim: Doin' some hardcore parkour. You?
Jack: Just Xbox. I guess I'm not as rad or gnarly as you.


(Phil jumps onto a ketchup packet and it sprays all over a year 7)

Fred: Dude that is SO Hardcore Parkour.
by I AM GNARLY May 08, 2010
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