A type of music that is most popular in Russia or Eastern Europe and people who are listing to hard bass are usually asassociated with Slavs wearing adidas, Slav squat, wearing ushanka, smoking cigarette, and drinking vodka.
When there the Russians defeated the Germans there was huge party in the center of Moscow and all the Slavs and Gopniks come in the their T-34 tanks boosting hard bass and drinking vodka.
by Life of Boris February 28, 2018
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A genre of dance and music which was popularized in Russia and involves large amounts of people, usually in Adidas tracksuits and leather vests dancing in public areas in an aggressive stomping fashion.
I saw some gopniks doing hard bass in the center of Moscow!
by DanDaMan020 May 17, 2016
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Hardbass is music danced to by Slavs and Gopniks
Dimitri do you want to go dance to hard bass with the other Gopniks and slavs
by Squatting_gopnik March 29, 2017
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(pronounced "bas harrt bas") are the lyrics in the chorus of the electro-dance song Nash Gimn popularized by Hard Bass School and can be found in Youtube and Spotify. The song, also referred to as "Hard Bass Adidas", is a favorite particularly among sub-cultures of the former Soviets who binge-dance to it in the street while wearing three-striped Adidas tracksuits. The phrase "bass hard bass" is used by netizens, who don't speak Russian nor Slav, to distinguish the song from other tracks by Hard Bass School particularly Narkotik Kal and Opa Blia.
"I don't understand a thing but that 'bass hard bass' song is very catchy."
by laotzukid@1 September 17, 2017
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