When one smells the sweet smell of ones anus while licking the twat juices thus resulting in her saying "Oh God"
She asked for the happy chaplain because the HINNY HOG was just to much...
by ArmyDitchDoc September 25, 2021
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boi weed aint not legal no more - time for the happy dance!
by HoitedWordSmith April 26, 2022
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Scary deepcord man who blocks everyone in his path. He makes “art” and blocks people who downvote it. 1505 is a bad number
I am blocking you!
-The Happy Krill 9:03pm
by Shonks_wilham November 30, 2021
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may 2 is the official MAKE YOUR GIRL FEEL HAPPY DAY! Basically do everything that would make her happy.
its make your girl feel happy day !
by LoOoCooo! April 17, 2021
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Adj. Term used to describe the state of joy found from causing someone to become butt hurt from being triggered. In no way associated with the use of a firearm.
Seeing people get bent out of shape over their "triggers" makes me smile. Their butt hurt makes me trigger happy.
by 10MinutesWasted October 3, 2017
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A person who gets triggered at every opportunity.
'Oh look there's someone who is triggered alot'
'They must be trigger happy.'
by AXT likes pie March 16, 2017
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The feeling you get when shitposting and you Trigger someone into a fit of rage, causing them to write a wall-o-text explaining how you're wrong, but in so doing, they take a reasonable position, provide rationale, and support your intended outcome without you yourself needing to lift a finger.
I got so trigger happy when I dunked this dank meme on that reddit post.
by ChancellorPalpameme October 23, 2019
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