A person who is genuinely having a positive and happy attitude when either drunk or high.
"Hey, you okay?"
"No. I'm not okay. I am...awesome!"
"The docs give you something?"
"Oh, yeah. They gave me...everything...It's spectacu-lacular, man. Hehehe!"
"You always were a happy drunk."
by DarthKieduss July 31, 2015
A person whom one enjoys being around when intoxicated.
If someone is funny, they are usually funnier as a happy drunk.
The opposite of an angry drunk.
Happy drunks tend to talk a LOT and are impossible to shut up.
Guy: "dude, that brunette chick from last night rocked!"
Other Guy: "Yeah man, she's such a happy drunk, it's awesome!"
by erkdoodle October 10, 2008
Aussie slang originating from the north coast of NSW equivalent to stoked.
Yeah if you come around i'd be drunk happy!
by Matt Bannerman September 11, 2007