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An excuse a socialist or communist, who mistakenly refers to them self as a "liberal", will use when they have been defeated in an argument usually regarding their very twisted and more than obvious un-American ideas.
Commie: "Fighting terrorism only breeds more terrorists."

American: "You've got to be the biggest piece of shit I've ever met. Stop bringing this country down when its find men and women are dying to protect your worthless ass."
by TheRealHanson August 24, 2005
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Reducing one's credibility in any argument by using words like "lib", "liberal" or "liberals". One a person uses the above words with derogatory intent, he demonstrates his political bias, polarizes his audience and loses any remaining credibility.

Once Hanson's law is invoked, the offenders argument is considered useless banter or low level regurgitated propaganda from that point forward.
Case 1- "Why do you liberals hate America?"

Hanson's law has been invoked

Case 2- "You're a liberal, that's why".
by A non liberal June 08, 2005
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Hanson's Law- As the result of seemingly endless political chat room and message board flame wars, basic human social decorum dictates that once a person uses the word(s); “libs”, "liberal" or "liberals", they immediately establish their political bias, polarize their audience and lose all credibility.

At this point, Hanson’s Law has been invoked and offender’s statements are reduced to the level of worthless political propaganda.
Case 1 – “You believe that because you’re a liberal.”

Hanson’s law has been invoked.

Case 2 – “Why do liberals hate America?”

Hanson’s law has been invoked.
by Bob's your uncle June 08, 2005
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