she deceives all the lesbians. uhg this bitch
me: oh hannah... i dont wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your lips.
Hannah: ...
by hope diyoza May 27, 2020
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Hannah is a bad ass bishh and she is a funny and kind girl but she think that she’s Ugly and other people tell her she is pretty but they don’t believe them bc she is broken inside and she think she fat but people tell her she is not fat and she listen to rap and she is a rap god and she love to cuddle and when u break her heart u will pay for what u did to her she is a outgoing softball player and eithier way her ex player her she will still love him and she is a vvv pretty girl that loves to be cuddles and she Dosent smile bc she is broken inside..✨😁
Hannah is a bad ass bishh
by Schaefer7933 July 31, 2020
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Hannah is the most amazing person in the world and is better than most people. She can dance (she can't sing for the life of her tho) and she's just an all-round great person
by imnothannah May 10, 2020
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is the scum of the earth and is definitely for the streets!! she doesn’t know how to make a decision and makes everything about herself. Always has to have the best thing possible. will definitely cheat on her boyfriend(s) and break their hearts. oh and she definitely will get with their ex’s friends right after she breaks up with her boyfriend
Omg look it’s hannah posting more weird pictures.
There goes Hannah sleeping around again!
by nobodylikeshannahs June 15, 2020
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Hannah: the meaning behind this is she is a beautiful kinda smart nice and has a very talented personality and loves to draw own shoes
Hannah a talented and smart person.
by Jayraeandlaygang May 31, 2020
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My superhero one of the most souls you ever could have met she's awesome and a huge inspiration to me and her peers and i love talking to her
hey C did you speak to Hannah recently ? Yeah I really really miss her !
by Color without The U November 16, 2020
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Hannah is sporty but girly at the same time. She has a simple but cute style, and she is gorgeous. She always has her best friend by her side and if your her best friend, she treats you like royalty and tells you all her secrets. Hannah is gorgeous but doesn't think so herself. She is such a fun friend to have and loves adventure. She is smart, but not nerdy at all. Hannah is a girlfriend material and someone you will fall in love with and want to marry. She is a Christian and is super nice. She has a loving heart and doesn't get when people are mean to her because she doesn't see what she does wrong but will always want to know. She is funny and sassy and you will laugh when around her guaranteed. She talks 100 miles a minute but you'll be able to understand her when you are close to her. Hannah is amazing
omg, I LOVE Hannah.
by heyheyheyya'll November 09, 2020
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