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(Men) When a clean pressed handkerchief is slightly unfolded and placed in the mans hands in a 'cup' like position. The man inserts his penis into the unfolded handkerchief and closes it around his penis and proceeds to 'have sex' with his handkerchief. after sometime the handkerchief will get filled with hanky cum

(Women) When a clean handkerchief is placed over the a womands fingers as she begins to stimulate herself. the rest of the handkerchief is pushed into the vagina, as the woman continued to stimulate herself to a climax

A woman can also place a handkerchief over a mans penis and wank him off that way and a man can put a handkerchief over his fingers as he stimulates his partner
"Derek has so many handkerchiefs in the wash each week - surely he doesn't blow his nose that much"
"Nah - he doesn't have a g/f so he just has hanky sex"


"My g/f put a handkerchief over my erection last night and I had hanky sex"
by Mr Hanky Man June 16, 2008
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