Where some gets hung from theyre underwear mainly whitie-tighties this causes magor pain in the but crack area and if your a man or boy this will hurt severely in the groin area so dont try this at home
I go to this school where i think the students are obsessed with giving be hanging wedgies one time i was changing in P.E. and of course i wear whitie-tighties so yea those cool obsessed boxeer kids wants to give me a hanging wedgie the P.E. teacher never comes in the dressing room so if they left me i was screwed what they did whas tie me up and hang me from the front and back so i had severe pain in the front and back it was agonizing and then i guess just for a laugh every gym student gave me a kick in the groin and if your a guy you know what that feels like oh yea and they made sure i wasnt wearing anything but my white briefs so it would hurt worse one they left me there whith some kick in the groin and a major hanging wedgie that would take years to dig out!!! one day all of us brief wearers will band together and give all them hanging wedgies!!!
by Stick Maniac June 18, 2008
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when someone or some people sneek behind you and pull your undies up and hang you high up
true story

i was playing truth or dare with my mates and i got dared to wear briefs, which i usually wear boxers over night. Someone wears briefs so i had to swap which was horrible. They all slept in my house that night when my parents were there and they woke up when i was asleep and gave me a enormous hanging wedgie on a lamppost. The Next morning i had lots of people looking at me and i had loads of piss in these briefs last time im wearing them
by subject 16 August 26, 2011
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When a cool, boxer wearing person gives a wedgie and then puts the waistband over something like a doornob so the reciever hangs above the ground.
In are gym room there is a really small coat closet. The coat pegs are really high up, and are only 25 inches apart. I was changing for gym when a group of boxer wearing "cool" people caught me wearing tighty whighties. 2 of them came up and gave me a mervin. To make it worse The put the front of me waistband on one coat hook and the back of the waistband on a coat hook on the other side. Everyone was laughing. They say its a every boxer wearers job to give any tighty whitie wearer either a atomic or hanging wedgie.
by Anonyymous August 26, 2006
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When someone grabs you by the waistband of your underwear (usually tightey whiteys) and hang you on a coathook, pole, etc. You are suspended for a long period of time. This wedgie hurts a lot since you can't escape it. You usually have to wait until your underwear rips.
My parents were on a business trip. I was in the locker rooms one day and was changing. I made a huge mistake by taking off my shirts and pants, exposing me in my white tightey whiteys only, which were REALLY stretchy. One person screamed, "WEDGIE HIM!" so they ran up to me and pinned me down. All of them started to spank me and wedgie me. Then the school bully came and gave me an atomic wedgie. He flushed my clothes down the toilet. Everyone cheered then he unhooked the atomic wedgie and gave me a hanging wedgie on the coathooks and hung me by the front and back end of my waistband. He let everyone pull me. He left me there until recess came, which wasn't until about 2 hours. He took me outside only in my tightey whiteys and walked where the teacher couldn't see us. He got me down and carried me to the flagpole and hung me there. I was lifted to the top. I had to stay there for more than a day, because the teachers didn't see. I slept in the painful wedgie and didn't get down the next day. The bully fed me at times, but I would still be in the wedgie. Every kid in my school saw and laughed. The bully came back at night and got me down. He forced me to tell him where I lived, so he carried me to my house (I walk to my school) by my underwear, still unpicked, and hung me from a tree. He laughs and goes home, and I had to sleep in the wedgie until my parents came home and saw me. They got me down, and I had to pull down the underwear so they could wash it. Worst wedgie ever.
by TorturedWedgieVictimAtSchool December 22, 2009
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When you are given a wedgie but once given it you are lifted of the ground and the elastic in the wasitband is used to hang you up on a coat peg or doorknob or the likes.
i got a hanging wedgie in the lockerrooms
by Zelda March 27, 2005
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A wedgie where the the person can not touch the ground with their feet. Very painful and can cause injury if in place for too long.
I was walking home the other day and this group of 4 bitches came up to me and jumped me. They hated me because I was popular. (I think.)They forced me to walk to the forest and said that if I didn't do what they wanted it would be much worse. Then they took off my pants and added 4 more underwear to my butt. Then they put my pants back on and tied my hands behind my back and my feet together and took the 5 underwear I was wearing and hooked them to a tree branch that was jutting out. To get me on there they had to put a stool underneath me. I was in considerable pain but they didn't care, not at all. They kept me their in the hanging wedgie while they rummaged through my school stuff and took everything of value. Then they took pictures of me while they did sadistic things to me, plus they made a video of me while they forced me to say things I wouldn't have said in a million years. By the end of this I was crying and begging them to stop, I was positive I was bleeding down there by then. Then after about two more hours of their fun when it got dark out they just left me there. It was hours before the five pairs of underwear finally teared. Then I ran home crying. My parents weren't even home, and even if they were I bet they would have just been drunk. I cried the whole night through.

PS: this whole story was bullshit. I was just bored so I made it up. LOL.
by anonymousag123 June 26, 2009
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When a jerk/"cool" kid picks you up by your briefs and hangs you onto something such as a bed post, shower head etc.
A true story:
One day I was walking home last year at the age of about 19 (a few days after finishing college) when I managed to piss off a jock who was hanging out with his girlfriend. He chased for a few miles before rugby tackling me to a floor and dragging me to a street corner where we wrestled constantly for severals hours. In the fight, he ripped most of my clothing and I was only lying with a small rag on myself. There, he found a huge nail sticking out of one of the walls where he hung me by my underwear and gave me a hanging wedgie. The next day, he came over with some other friends and they ball tapped me and pissed on me. This happened every day for about 2 weeks. One day, his friends came with him and ball tapped me, pissed on me and ripped off my clothes. Soon, I was near naked. They decided to have a wrestling match between me and the jock to see who would win. I had practically no clothes on other than ripped briefs and some scrags I could call pants. I hadn't even been fed, so I could barely fight. He ended up winning after tackling me, giving me a boogie before stomping on my ballsack. I was crippled and bending over, and this contest continued once every other week for a few months until one day the underwear ripped and I managed to run. That was 4 years ago, and I just finished university last month.
by That_Guy_WHO_ROCKS November 24, 2013
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