The act of wrapping toilet paper repeatedly round the bog seat enabling you to create a mini suspension area where you can proudly display your crap for all to see.
"I'd use the other trap if I was you, I've left a hanging basket in there"
by T Boor July 10, 2008
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Big fat saggy droopy knockers, most often found on fat old dogs
I would mind them hanging baskets around my corn on the cob
by Dan DeLion November 23, 2006
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popularised in the Leeds and York area of the United Kingdom, this turn of phrase related to the moistness of an aroused woman's vagina, and analogises a recently watered hanging basket of flowers.
I'm really turned on, I'm wet as a hanging basket.
by timlamb May 05, 2011
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Unkempt lady's bush, sprouting spiders' legs, possibly sporting a stale, musty odour.
She doesn't look like she takes care of herself; I bet her bush is like last year's hanging basket.
by Kirkpatrick77 July 31, 2013
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hanging over the basket is an expression used mostly on industrial and business environments that refers to an individual being on a powerless or difficult situation with limited options to get past it. It is also used as a threatening expression that shows that an individual has the power to control or manipulate someone else.
- I've been trying to get a raise so I can't really complain about some of my job's situation. My boss has me hanging over the basket!

- If you don't have that package shipped by Wendesday, mark my words, I'll have you hanging over the basket...
by osnoflaster February 14, 2018
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