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A name given to a god damn hero. Handsome Jacks usually own ponies made of diamond called Butt Stallions.
He is such a Handsome Jack.
by SoulSlayer2015 March 01, 2017
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One of the hottest guys you know (if you’re into cocky, narcissistic assholes) in Pandora. Usually owns a Diamond Pony named ‘Buttstallion’ and is full of riches. He’s also a total badass and makes it look good.
Rhys: Met a Guy last night. He was so tall and cute. Now he’s in my head. Literally. Couldn’t believe my eyes.
Sasha: Must be a Handsome Jack
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by HyperionMischief July 30, 2018
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Owner of Hyperion who also wears a mask over his deformed ass face, and has a sentient horse made of diamonds.
“Don’t be a handsome jack and be the owner of the machine that revives their enemies over and over again”- game theory, and my inaccurate memory
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Someone you can tell a mile off

Beautiful girlfriend/wife far far out of his league

Usually a monger

A propper half breed looking thing

Sometimes even makes a strong noise

And walks with a hunch and or limp
Mate did you see that gorgeous girl with a handsome Jack

How did that cretin get a girl like that
by Strong hand John December 29, 2017
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