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A put-down/slur applied to Hamtramck, Michigan, the most densely populated city in that state. The city used to be overwhelmingly (90%) Polish-American, and is now down to 11% of that ethnicity in less than a decade. Now, it is the first Muslim majority city in the United States, filled with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. About 40% of the residents are immigrants, and there are at least seven mosques (mostly put up in the last 10 years). The neighborhoods have also become very segregated by specific ethnicity and national origins within the Islamic world. The local Polish-American population is understandably upset with this change.
Hamtramckistan looks like a mishmash of Muslim communities from throughout the Islamic world; it is a fruit salad rather than a melting pot.
by Disillusioned Dem February 20, 2017
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