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A girl who has either been born and raised in Hampton, VA or has resided there for five years or more. They have been infected by the cool breezes of Buckroe Beach or POC, the swamps of Foxhill to as far as the stench of the Bethel Dump. Been known to contain multiple personalities that switch with no warning or reason. Every Hampton girl is extremely crazy and most innocent men don’t find out until they are taken over by their spell. They all have incurred a variety of criminal charges that are easily hidden through fancy make up, purses, and shoes. Usually can be spotted driving cars that aren’t theirs with the speakers almost ready to blow out. If ever wanting to know where to find a Hampton girl outside their natural habitat, they will be at the bars calling themselves the baddest bitches on earth or on the side of the road surrounded by police. Each Hampton girl comes with extreme cost and should be approached with extreme caution. If you have to ask if you are with a Hampton girl it’s probably too late
Billy: Hey Jerry, meet my new girlfriend

Jerry: Oh know Billy I think shes a Hampton girl

Watch out Kevin, the Hampton is starting to kick in
by Mjc1125 January 13, 2018
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