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To 'twerk' in an uncontrollable manner... a nearly hypnotic clapping motion of the gluteus maximu. Often, eyes are rolled back into head. Facial expression is one of utter hysteria.

If 'hammering' in the vertical position, feet placed firmly on the ground, then arms must be jutted out in front, post pivitolly axial to the gluteus and distal to the bonhomie. The hands overlap each other and point as far back as they can in relation to the arms. Elbows are almost always straight.

If in the inverted position, feet in the air or on an object (i.e. refrigerator or bobcat truck) and hands firmly on the ground, then the legs can either windmill wildly, or juxtapose the position of the arm and 'hammer hand position'.

The act of Hammer hammer hammer hammer is ALWAYS performed in the presence of upbeat ghetto beats and a firmly gripped stainless steal hammer. Cutout cardboard friends are optional.

Note: See definition for 'arm and hammer hand position'
Note: See definition for 'twerk'
Look at Tyler go, Hammer hammer hammer hammer!

What a great Hammer hammer hammer hammer Shasta has.
by Beedie Black November 21, 2013
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