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A town in Erie County, New York. It is within about a 20-25 minute travel distance by car from downtown Hamburg to downtown Buffalo which is the County Seat of Erie County.

It contains a village also named Hamburg, and another village named Blasdell.

It is a southtown. On a scale from 1 (Northtown) (e.g. Tonawonda) - 5 (Southtown) (e.g. Aurora) it is considered around a 4 or so.

The Town of Hamburg is south of the City of Lackawanna, Lackawanna being south of Buffalo. Despite this, some areas are still somehow considered Buffalo, but the roads and numbering are all being redone and or changed around, which may attribute to this confusion or problem. Be warned if your GPS isn't up-to-date, it will not work in this town in many areas.

You can find a decent restaurant, walk in a quiet little one-floor mall like McKinley's mall, it has strips like McKinley Highway which offer plenty of chain and even the occasional mom& popish store for mostly everything you want, so you can't go wrong in Hamburg, visiting or living. Also, Hamburg is in a decent location. You can get basically anything you want and commute to several near towns in anywhere from 5-10 minutes to usually not more than 25-30 minutes if that.
VanillaCoffee: I've seen a good chunk of Erie county and I like Hamburg, New York the best. Cool little town... I may even soon officially be a Hamburger. Ahaha...
by VanillaCoffee June 29, 2010
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