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An additive to awesome sauce when awesome sauce isn't flavorful enough to feed the appetite of the highly performing, sleep-deprived, coffee-soaked professional.
The baseball player threw a little ham sauce on that fastball.
by Heathro April 08, 2015
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To be completely smashed, snockered, or wasted. Usually due to alcohol, although people can be hamsauced from many different influences. The term hails from WestChester Pennsylvania. It's traveled to Kansas, and it's next step is to cover the world.
Matthew: Hey, Aj, is that ugly chick drunk?
Aj: More like hamsauced! that hoediva can't even walk!
by MRoeder July 01, 2011
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that which is secreted by a hambeast. cf: hambeast
Betsy was sleepin' off the ham hangover, when she was suddenly covered in hamsauce.
by pinky marks April 19, 2005
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