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The art of self-healing and the celebration of the two-tailed goat, representing everlasting fertility, starting at the break of dawn on the 22nd March each year, with the the traditional goat race starting the day, with the first goat to climb the great tree being declared the Raaja Bakara for the Gensus season to come.

During midday the Capra Courtship dance takes place between hopeful lovers in hopes their love will bring good fortune and joy, like the mythological goats' tails and the sacred dance shall bless them with fertility to come.

At dusk a great feast is held to commemorate the goat god, where offerings such as herbs, spices, rice cakes, Saisg Roll and goats' milk are served. Rice cream is also a popular dish consisting of fine rice, thickened with goat's milk and frozen to be served chilled.

In some Western Societies, the practice of Hallai Dua is still frowned upon, with conservative groups condemning the celebration due to the goat's promiscuous nature, and others criticising the set cost for its events (e.g. Fixed 50 shanj entry for plays involving the goat). Nevertheless, in recent years, young Westerners have endorsed the occasion and often celebrate by eating cheese strings (processed string cheese made with goat's milk) and hosting mini goat-themed celebrations in community centres and playing party games such as pin the tails on the goat.
"They're getting ready for Hallai Dua, they are!"
by Foby Wobinson May 24, 2018
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