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This is a school district home to Dix Hills and Melville kids.
This is a mad rich school district tho some kids are just middle class.
These schools are mostly white but have a good mix of minorities who probably act white or have their own click
There are waaaay too many JAPS and in May there will be at least one bat/bar mitzvah per week
Japs are usually the “popular” kids who think they are but no one actually likes them and they get 200+ likes per photo bc of their other jappy camp friends
All the houses here are big as fuck for rich people that are millionaires but they all look basic
Most of the chill kids aren’t japs
Kids do drugs and vape via the bathroom cough*cough* mostly cough* white kids
It’s home of basic bitches who shop at the same stores
Most of the chill kids aren’t “popular” and are down to earth
There are two middle schools, two high schools, and 4 elementary schools
How do I know all this you ask? I go to this school district and live in the most basic ass place called Dix Hills
It’s also one of the best districts In N.Y. and is funded by LOTS OF MONEY
Jap1:“Omygosh Emma my camp friend is visiting”
Jap 2: “let’s go pick something to wear out from Denny’s

Person1: “you got to half hollow hills
Person2: “yea I live in Dix Hills too”
Person1: “I’m sorry you lived in such a basic white town”😪
by A non-jap June 12, 2018
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Rich district with lots of public funding, which is explained by the astronomically wealthy majority of Dix Hills kids. What a bunch of douchebags. Lots of Jewish American Princesses to be found in the two high schools, two middle schools, and five elementary schools. Lots of preps, but you'll find quite a big alternative crowd populace in both high schools, as compared to most schools.

However, many kids prosper if they fail to become popular enough to get crunk and high every night (just like me).

A big inner-city crowd too, if you get my drift.
"Hey man, i'm considering getting a douche-baggerty-filled education. Do you know where i can get one?"

"Yeah, man. Hit up Half Hollow Hills."
by Ysheth December 02, 2009
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