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She is the most amazing girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She loves movies, loves music and concerts, loves to have fun, she's crazy fun, and you can always count on her. She loves to hang out with friends. As long as she is with friends, she's happy. She is very pretty even though she thinks she isnt. She has very beautiful dimples. She has alot of friends who love her because of her weirdness. She trys to make everyone happy before she makes herself happy. She is a great listener and loves to give advice to other. (Her advice works alot of the time.) She has a slight anger problem. She hates when people talk down to her. She doesn't like when people are rude and making fun of her friends. She's says whats on her mind. She's funny. She loves to be different. You might catch her in some weird clothes and/or makeup. She loves to talk. She has million stories to tell you about her life. She loves new people. She is a good friend. If you ever need to talk to someone, she's your girl. She loves life. If she's having a bad day, I would avoid getting on her bad side because she can be a major bitch sometimes. She is altogether a good person inside and out. You are very lucky to be friends with her.
Gage- Do you know that pretty girl right there with the rainbow eye shadow & tutu on?
Johnny- Yeah, That's Haleigh Gore. Who doesn't know her?
Gage- I think I might ask her out. Do you know what she likes to do?
Gage- Well we had a conversation about Eminem's concert and about Transformers 3. But I've hung out with her once and she was pretty happy just being with her friends.
Johnny- Hmm.. Maybe I'll take her to a movie and hang out after.
Gage- If she says Yes, you're gonna be the luckiest guy in school.
by JustAFriendlyHello July 25, 2011
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