The best example of what happens when blacks control a country's destiny. Prior to 1804 Haiti was the prize possession of the French in the New World. It generated so much wealth for them that they called it the "Jewel of the Carribean". After the massacre of every white man, woman and child on the island, it became the first black-ruled country in the western hemisphere. Since that day, Haiti has been mired in corruption, violence, poverty and AIDS, much like many other African countries.
Liberals often blame white racism for the plight of black people in inner cities, which is just as hard to prove as it is to disprove. But who do they blame in Haiti?
by FigurinOutLife November 07, 2005
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Dude1: Hey, dude! Did you hear that on the news? Haiti has been destroyed by one of the biggest earthquakes of all the times!

Dude2: Oh my gosh! Are you fucking kidding me? It's terrible!
by imfreakishlyyours January 16, 2010
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a place where french niggers like to chill. Haiti is full of welfare.
me: I hate haiti
faggot: why?
me: cuz its full of french niggers.
by Bubba_The_Retard December 02, 2006
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A country in the Caribbeans that shares an island with the Dominican Republic, while the Dominican Republic makes some good baseball talents, Haiti has had the unfortunate luck of being hit with a whole lot of stuff, Earthquakes, hurricanes, mother earth hates Haiti, but that doesn't mean we do, well, unless you do.
They're also quite the soccer team for the size of the country.
Jake: Dude, why is that stupid island country defeating our Canada in soccer?
Jonny: Well, they're Haiti, first off-
Jake: Shut up!
by Mongolmongol June 27, 2017
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