A nasty dump with numerous strands of Shit that look like brown hair.
Eddie had the Taco feast last night & today He destroyed the toilet with a Hairy Shit!
by FilmoFreddy January 23, 2019
I person with a bad hair style who is also a piece of shit
Harry Kaye is a big piece of hairy shit
by James&Lew May 2, 2004

Derogatory term for trans woman vagina.

A surgical vagina made of colon tissue and reconstructed phallus. That has a distinct foul smelling odour. (It can sometimes when the surgery is botched have hair on the inside hence « hairy shit hash »)

This surgery need constant after care such a dilatation to make sure it doesn’t close
Man, I picked up a « girl » from the bar last night and when we got to « her » place she presented me with a smelly, Hairy shit gash
by Dr Verville EM April 8, 2021