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A Hispanic male who comes to North America to get some sweet pussy. He has large muscles and goes to clubs all night to leave with some ass and pound it when he gets home. Hairy Juan refers to a man with much hair, therefore he is masculine. When bitches see the hair he’s got on his chest and arms, they cant wait to get him home and have his hairy ball sack smacking their pussy from behind. Please note the hairy Juan will not be afraid to show off his hairy body and grind on pussy at clubs. He knows that only real mean have hair and takes his large cock with pride when screwing a slut in her holes.
Juan: yo bitches some round, im a hairy Juan so you know im packing a long pole. Who wants to suck?
Bitch: im getting some hairy balls tonight!
by Juanxxx November 08, 2008
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