Kanye: I tugged of the old Hairy Dog last night! ;)
by T' up north March 23, 2015
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When you're that smashed after the sesh you can't pronounce hair of the dog
by 7ftdwarf September 24, 2017
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A slightly mangy or poorly kept flange. Usually associated with an older "experienced" woman, where her flaps have slightly blackened.
Q: Did you go down on her?
A: No, she had hairy dog gums so I pulled out last minute.
by Andrew Burden August 31, 2006
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a very small penis that is very hairy like i mean all up the rod balls and into the gooch.
My friends penis is a hairy dogs cock. once he was cockslapping me and i woke up to see the smallest penis ever withy the most hair ever.
by wedgie May 31, 2007
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good insult, fun to use.
chris: oy you fucking gay
liam: why dont you shit off you hairy dogs cock
by chris and liam February 10, 2007
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