puss, tuss, snatch, usually a young, inexperience female who has never shaved that monkey.
"Aghh dude, I got some hair last night... wanna smell my fingers? I think it was the first time she was banged."
by tim's taint December 08, 2004
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Strings and weeds that grow out of your scalp that can ruin a girls life.
My hair is the most disgusting pair of strings I have ever seen.
by gigi.irwin December 08, 2020
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A stupid blob of dead skin cells that people seem to like touching. They also bother to make it look good.
Wow, hair... this is so boring and gross.
by Crazedpoodleface March 29, 2021
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Some sexy ass stuff. Don’t shave. Hair. Sexy.
Person 1: hey do I have to shave tonight?
Person 2: no I like the hair
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Something that eleven from stranger things doesn't have in season 1
"Wow, that girl has no hair"
via giphy
by Yusairao February 01, 2021
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