Hair fucking is what a girl does when she takes her hair out of a ponytail and starts flipping it with her hand in front of a guy to be sexy.......girls at the gym do this a's used in the first stages of flirting. If you see a girl doing this to your man you know what's up :)
I saw her hair fucking him from here.
by K.Rae March 15, 2011
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when a female lays her hair on the bed/couch, and lets the male hump it or jerk off with her hair.
my girlfriend layed her gorgeous silky long hair on the bed and i fucked the shit out of her hair, over and over and she let me cum in her hair as many times as i wanted, and i had such a wonderful hair fuck. I did this every day. Her hair is so silky when my cock touches it, it almost feels like i am going to cum because its so silky and soft. I love humping her long light brown hair.

She would just lay her silky light brown hair all over the bed and i would sink my cock into her hair and fuck over and over.
by kingadz June 21, 2007
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When you went to a men saloon ,and u ordered the guy ,to just shape your hairs and he cuts them in a manner where all the looks of hairs just vanished so you feel hair-fucked .
hey Kapil ! what the hell is wrong with your hairs u were concern about it but right now you are looking hair fucked man !
by Big time C December 16, 2011
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The messy, snarled and sweaty hairstyle one has
after getting a proper and vigorous fucking.
I know EXACTLY why you're late! Your fuck hair says it ALL!!!
by Scrappy SamCat January 27, 2009
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How a girl's hair looks after she has had sex. It's wild, and sticking out everywhere. Any clips or accessories she had in her hair have fallen out or are out of place.
After I have sex with my boyfriend, I totally have fuck hair.
by yorkmom February 16, 2010
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When you go to a small salon and pay a decent amount to get your hair done and later you find out the idiots who didn't finish beauty school. Basically, when your hair is so far ruined that only shaving it off will fix it.
victim: Shit! They made me pay for this fucked hair!
bystander: What the hell is wrong with your hair? It's pixied now!
by GloomyTaco (Editor) July 11, 2008
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Curly Haired Constipated Fuck is one of the tributes from The Hunger Games. He is played by Ethan Jamieson, and his "nickname" arose from the tumblr blog "badlydrawnhungergames" who fell in love with him and named him Curly Haired Constipated Fuck.
I love Curly Haired Constipated Fuck!
by TRIBUTE March 2, 2012
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