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Hair that grows around the penis and vagina area of the body
Jake : Mmmm! I could play with your hair for hours is so silky & soft!
Kiersten : That's because I wash and condition it every night!
Jake : Ohhh! It makes my dick so hard!
Kiersten : Mmmm! I like to rub my face in your Hair Down There it's so rough! Grrrrrr!
Jake : That's because I squirt cum all over it when you suck my dick and I pound you!
Kiersten : Mmmm! I love crusty cum!
Jake : How about I cum all over your Hair Down There?
Kiersten : Oh Jake you silly boo you want crusty cum too!
Jake : Oh Baby!
by SlopNChop January 18, 2018
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pubic hair
hair in the pussy area
hair around her private area
Is there hair down there?
by Hmmm May 12, 2004
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A term used to describe having pubic hair on your genitals.
Bobby: Hey guys! I got hair down there!

Timmy: Can I see?

Bobby: No! You perv!
by SulfurOG December 26, 2017
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