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The battle cry of 4chan, Reddit, and dankness in it's purest form. Kek Slowly evolved in the world of the internet to eventually become a being within the internet itself. Kek is the source of power behind 4chan and breathed life into /r/dankmemes. It's use of power is what won The Great Meme War when the British and American Nationalists fought the UN, NATO, the EU, and the globalists, which resulted in a Nationalist victory. When ever you see the phrase "Hail Kek"in the comment section of a website, this might refer to someone with previously listed origins. Often said whenever comment wars occur on social media between Normies and Kekistanis. Associated with Pepe frequently.
Normie: OMG so triggered
Kekistani: Why don't grow a pair and be a man
Normie: I don't classify as that any more
Kekistani: How many times were you dropped on the head as a child
Normie: Now make me even more triggered *Crys*
Kekistani: Hail Kek
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by FeralInsanity12 May 27, 2017
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