Hay-Hay: The loving and funny name I call my sister...it is essentially the nice way of calling her stupid. She is not, in fact, stupid, just blonde...and not always the sharpest tool in the shed. I love you Hay-Hay
by alex trabek December 25, 2020
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After Peter entered, Kijuna greeted him with a friendly hai.
by Kijuna January 17, 2004
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1.misspelling of hey
2.short for how are you
3.The stuff that's in a cart that you jump into from a tower or something.
Jump into hay all the time after synchronizing a view point, it has nice vitamins and minerals.
by GameGal101 May 9, 2009
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Marijuana that is old or has a lot of shake, or just some bap ass weed. At least thats how we say in Florida.
"Yo dont by trees from that nigga DaJuan, that nigga be servin that hay dog straight up."
by WeedMan March 9, 2004
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'Yes' in Japanese, also a textual sigh used in some places, especially in Singapore.

Also, Haiz and Haix. (Freaky variations by adding X and Z's)
- Japanese -
Dad: Get off your computer and do your homework.

Son: Hai!

- Sighing -
Dad: Get off your computer and do your homework!

Daughter: *Hai*..
by One Urban Muffin February 15, 2004
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