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When you are messenging someone (ie: facebook chat, AIM, MSN messenger, and a plethora of others) and you type Haha, followed by a quick reply, hastily followed by Haha again. May be a result of something actually funny, extreme fatigue, boredom, or thinking the other person is a fucking idiot and they need to stop talking to you right now because they are annoying as shit and all I am going to reply from now on is Haha until they realize I fucking hate them and stop talking to me.
Laura: what color am I thinking of right now?

Alex: purple?

Laura: NOPE! red. guess we are not telepathic...

Alex: Haha.

Alex: You are so lame for making that joke.

Alex: Haha.

Laura: Thats like a Haha sandwich!
by The One, A Rich! September 19, 2009
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