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Older species of real life elite monsters (mostly older women) who think that they are entitled to occupy every seat in a bus and therefore aggressively chase people off.
They are usually found in hibernation calm-like state,but when they enter the bus their HP and Speed drastically increases in aim to conquer seats.
Girl 1: Uhhh,I feel so sick today.I almost collapsed!
Girl 2: I know,poor you. Luckily,we've found you a place to sit!
Hag: Khm...khm...won't you move? Didn't they teach you anything?
Girl 1: Sorry,I didn't see you.Take my seat,please.
Hag: It would be time...oh damn rude people these days...who raised them ?!?

Girl 2:You should've said that you are ill!You don't look okay!
Girl 1: I know but I really have no strength to argue.
Girl 2: Damn, Hag Warriors!
by yelpi September 20, 2016
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