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A small town in central Connecticut, nestled in the Connecticut River Valley where Hick and Yuppie collide. A town with only 7000 people and involved in a regional school system with Killingworth. The center of town is known as Higganum, the only one in the world. Higganum just recieved new sidewalks for all of the pedestrians walking to a bunch of aboandoned buiildings to walk on. New prallel parking along route 81 will help ease the parking situation that the town does not have. It is about 20 minutes from anything worthwhile looking at, besides Stop and Shop. Within, there is the Country Market and the Ghandi Mart which is open 24/7. There are only three stop lights and the town is just now building a Dunkin Donuts. It's the town you drive through, but do not stop unless you get caught at a red light to get to the Goospeed or Middletown. If you want a park you can check out the Haddam Meadows on the river front, Field Park, or the massive state forest known as Cockaponsett. Many youg people in town enjoy racing down Beaver Meadow Rd. or smoking pot in various places including some of the parks. No one famous resides in town though Wnbc-TV news anchor Joanne Nesti recently moved out of town. Overall, Haddam is a good place to live, there's just not much to do in town.
You can drive through Haddam, CT on your way down Route 9.
by JDD15 August 13, 2006
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